As some of my followers may now, I went to Jasper, Alberta last week to get my move to the province off on the right foot.

I’ve been anticipating the move for more than a year now and it’s finally almost over and done with, I am currently living in Edmonton with my mother to sort some things out and get on my feet.

About the Photos:

The Mountains 1

The trip was super ‘gogogo’ not much time to stop and enjoy everything for minutes at a time but I thought this photo was interesting due to the fact that I took it from the car window as we were leaving for the night.  Not sure of the mountain’s name.

Bottom Left

This little guy was who we found on the mountain tops.  Was not camera shy, at all.

Bottom Right
Majestic Elk

This buck was no stranger to people and their cameras, he was just dillydallying along the highway out of Jasper so we thought it might be safe if we kept our distance.  Remember it is never okay to just approach a wild animals, but he IS in a Provincial Park and knows where the humans go.



It’s summer, the perfect time, with usually perfect weather for some fun and beautiful and absolutely perfect mini-sessions! 

I am a newly graduated Photographer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have a good four years of education and experience with a DSLR camera as well as the gear to go with it. 

Book with Jessica Judge by July 25th for your 75$ mini-session. 
Shoots will be taking place the first week of August. 

- 30 minutes of shoot time. 
- 4 to 6 high resolution images. 
- location of your choice ( as I’m new to the area ) 

This package has a regular value of 130$ 

This package is suggested for couples, families and models looking to spruce up their portfolio! 

Please contact me for more info!

PROM 2014

Today, June 24th, the 2014 graduates of Horton High School held their prom.  I had the pleasure of photographing a family friend’s son and his date as well as him and his friends.  I had a lot of fun seeing the gorgeous hair and dresses.

Animal Friends of Oaklawn

Recently, I’ve been preparing myself to leave Nova Scotia for an unknown amount of time.  I’ve been taking my time to sightsee and have some fun before I take my leave, Oaklawn Farm Zoo is a staple of summer time fun..  Lions, and tigers and bears.. OH MY! .. Except, mine is more like, peacocks, deer and a camel, oh my.  (They do have lions, tigers and a bear, but they were not loving the photos)


Cuties of the Coast

It’s winding down to what could quite possibly be my last week on the East Coast, here’s some photos from a session I had at my favourite location: The Lawrencetown Cliffs with one of my good friends (and you definitely know her face).  Geena! She was accompanied by her beau, Ken.

Very thankful to have such beautiful friends that want to grace my lens with their presence!